It is assured in two directions

information and guarding & protection

Operations with military products, the main activity of the company, are a sensitive one, and any information about them can be traced and desired, both by competing firms, especially by the Romanian forces and its allies.

Data relating to contracts, customers, suppliers, means and production methods may be tracked by various individuals, companies or any other legal or illegal entity, any unauthorized disclosure likely to harm the interests of the firm or its partners, even if they are not legally classified.

For this reason, all OXO NETWORK CORPORATION’s employees are instructed to adopt a discrete attitude about the operations they are knowledgeable about, the activities carried out, the staff employed or with whom they come into contact.

In this respect, a code of conduct is applicable at the company level, in which the counterintelligence component is the main component.

The personnel must respect all safety procedures and respect all elements that may lead to loss, misuse or theft of information.

Physical security

At the production sites of the factory, the armed guard is permanently insured by specialized personnel authorized for this purpose and the access ways in the factory are supervised by security personnel.

At the same time, the main production facilities and storage areas are secured with high-security locking systems and are monitored through a high performance CCTV system. Access to the perimeter of the factory is realize only after legalization, the company’s staff having access cards, and visitors are always accompanied by an OXO NETWORK CORPORATION’s employee.