OXO carries out operations of demilitarization and processing of both type of ammunition,NATO or Russian standard, at monthly capacities of over 1000 tonnes for more than 500 types of ammunition

Types of ammunition :

  • explosive, piercing, fragmented, lighting, incendiary, submunition, fumigation, white phosphorus, reactive projects;
  • launcher, aviation, submunition, rocket bombs;
  • anti-tank, anti-infantry or marine mines, torpedoes, deep explosive cargoes;
  • infantry ammunition, depleted uranium ammunition, hand grenades;
  • other types of pyrotechnic components.
    Out of respect for the environment, our philosophy in ammunition processing is to eliminate explosive content and, where possible, to recycle materials, including propellants, and to use them for other purposes on the civilian market. This is known as the R3 philosophy and represents the recovery and recycling of resources.
    In the procedures, the highest safety and environmental standards are ensured in full compliance with the laws and regulations in the field of the European Union.
    Demilitarization and processing facilities:
  • processing facilities for explosives, TNT, Composition B, Hexotonal, Tritonal;
  • incinerators;
  • machines to unpack the projectiles;
  • phosphorus ammunition processing plant;
  • rotary oven;
  • presses and special cutting equipment for demilitarization of AT and AI mines;
  • exploration well;
  • semi-automatic demilitarization line of the M42 and M46 subunits;
  • polygon.

For military establishment which requires expired ammunition to be disposed, OXO provides a combination of quick, safe and effective disposal services at competitive prices